Meaning of the logo for Sue Phillips, End-of-Life Doula Support Services

In Australian Aboriginal culture this symbol (or forms of it) can represent waterholes and rivers, fire, campsites, traveling between two waterholes and sitting down place. 

I personally love the symbolism of 'traveling between two waterholes' and 'sitting down place'. This represents, for me, the journey from life to death and the beautiful, adventurous and wavy road between the two.

About me


My personal aspiration is to provide you and your family with compassionate care and comfort throughout the dying and death experience. I am here to provide advocacy on your behalf in order to allow you to complete this journey your way. Your loved ones, with this advocacy, are then able to be fully present, at your side, rather than having to worry about tasks. 

I am a world traveler, a storyteller and an observer of the human experience who hopes to help others explore their feelings, fears and expectations around death. I expect my work to be instrumental in creating social change around how we manage palliative care (especially at home) as well as how we can enhance or change our death and dying practices.


  • ​Certified End-of-Life Doula, Douglas College October 2019

  • Certified Funeral Celebrant, CCAOC, May 2020

  • Member, End-of-Life Doula Association of Canada, April 2020

  • Member, Bereavement Ontario Network, April 2020

  • Member, Death Doula Ontario Network, June 2020

  • Hospice Visiting Volunteer - Ongoing

  • Ongoing Grief and Bereavement Studies


My vision is to help people recognize that dying, death & bereavement is a fundamental aspect of the human experience and we can learn to be less fearful. We can learn to live our lives fully by accepting the inevitiblity of death.