I’m so glad you’re here. Whether you’re seeking information on death and dying, looking for someone to guide an end of life transition, or are simply wondering what an end of life doula is⁠— you’ve come to the right place.


While you’re here, I hope you feel care and comfort. And remember, I’m just a click away when you have questions⁠— anything goes.

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What is an End of Life Doula?

You’re not the only one who’s asked. An end of life doula is here to empower and advocate for people during their end of life transitions and to educate those preparing for their final passage. We are here to guide you and your family on what you can expect each step of the way, and to create a safe, judgement free space where you can voice your thoughts, concerns, and questions.

End of Life Doulas offer a wide range of services in order to meet the complex needs of their clients. My specific services are highlighted below⁠— feel free to click on one to learn more about it and my unique approach. I aim to provide all my services focused through a lens of inclusivity, education, advocacy, and storytelling.

How I Can Help

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How I Can Help

Feeling lost?

I’m here to guide you each step of the way, starting with a complimentary discovery meeting. If you’re curious about your options, I’d love to offer you some clarity. 


We started working with Sue when we knew my mom was going to return from the hospital and go into palliative care at home.  We had plans for Sue to help my mom with planning her death, her legacy and provide that emotional support to my mom, myself and my dad.


Unfortunately my mom's condition deteriorated very quickly and she was unable to speak to Sue in the way we had planned, She died shortly after that. However, Sue was able to provide us with a lot of guidance and support in understanding the process and logistics of what to do at the end of someone's life. It was also nice to know someone was there as emotional support and guidance as well. 


We ended up asking Sue to plan and officiate a virtual celebration of life. She did a wonderful job and we are so grateful we had her, we could not have handled this on our own. It meant my family could take the time to grieve instead of worrying about handling the planning of an event. I am new to this area of death doulas  but after working with Sue I am 100% on board and believe it's the kind of support everyone should have at the end of their life. ... Lindsay & Ron