• Advance Care Planning (ACP) Facilitation

  • Advocacy Support

  • Caregiver Respite

  • Companioning

  • Funeral Celebrant / Memorial Planning

  • Legacy Work Facilitation 

  • Vigil Attendant 

  • Support/Community Groups - Death Cafes, Grief and Bereavement Support

What is an End of Life Doula?

  • An End-of-Life (EOLD) or Death Doula  provides support to a person who is experiencing their final journey. This support may include advocacy, education and companionship. Most often we will work to provide structure and resources to help people die at home. Our role may overlap with other end-of-life service providers with the exception of medical care professionals.

  • Besides assisting with physical needs, doulas help clients explore meaning in their life and create a lasting legacy.

  • Doulas can also help create a “vigil plan” — a blueprint of what the dying person would want their death to look like, whether at home or in hospice. It can include what music to play, readings to be shared aloud, even what a dying space may look like.

End of Life or Death Doulas are here to support people from diagnosis to death. 

Sue Phillips, End of Life (EOLD) Doula Support Services is here to provide non-medical holistic support, comfort and advocacy at end of life.

Everyone's story and needs are different. Let's talk about your story and discover what supports you and your family / care team might need.